Installation Instructions

Tools needed for the easy installation of an Architectural Specialties, Inc. curb mount skylight.

Be prepared. Make sure you have all the tools you need before you start the job.

 Measuring tape  Butyl caulking
 Carpenter's square  Tin snips to trim shingles
 Stainless steel nails  Ladder
 Hammer  Power or hand saw
 Keyhole hand saw  Roofing mastic & trowel

Detailed Instructions

1 Measure and mark the ceiling location for your skylight. Position it, as accurately as possible, between ceiling rafters to keep your work to a minimum.

2 cut squarely through markings on the ceiling: remove ceiling material and any insulation in the open area.

3 Remove shingles and cut through roof to match ceiling opening.

4 Frame wooden 2X skylight curb to proper inside measurement. Nail curb to roof using 16p nails. Skylight is no ready for sheet metal flashing!

5 Install sheet metal flashing around curb. Apply roofing mastic between flashing and curb. Nail flashing to curb with galvanized roofing nails.

6 Apply a continuous bead of caulking to top of 2X curb. Position skylight on the curb and nail /screw skylight to the curb.

7 Complete framing from within the drywall, siding or other material. Cover exposed edges of the opening with 90º corner trim strips and finish bottom with molding.

8 When using drywall, cover exposed nails and corner trim with joint compound. Let dry, sand to smooth, then paint frame and corners to match ceiling.

9 When a well liner is required you many want to install your skylight in areas where the ceiling and roof are separated by attic space. This will require a well liner, as shown.

1) Frame in space between rafters and ceiling joists at the four corners of the opening.
2) Use any available material (drywall, siding etc.) and cover the roof to the ceiling lines

Finish should be light in color to reflect light. Well liner should be insulated as required.