ASI Skylights

Our manufacturing facility produces many types of curb mounted skylights: glass, domes, pyramids, ridges and hipped end ridges. Our units meet and exceed most codes.

Curb mount skylights require a curb for mounting purposes on your roof.

Some Glazing & Size options are:

  • Standard glass is clear and bronze tinted. But you're not limited there.
  • Acrylic or polycarbonate is available in dome shape, or we can thermo-form acrylic into a Pyramid or ridge shape.
  • Sizes can be altered to a specified size or one of our standard sizes listed here. Tandem units are also available.
  • Standard or tandem curb mount skylights can be fixed or openable. Our openable units have fire egress pins that allow you to escape in the event of a fire.
  • Architectural Specialties, Inc. Skylights meet the most stringent building code requirements.

See the advantages of an ASI glazing system!

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Skylight Installation Instructions

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Product Information

Due to numerous applications, only a few typical details are shown here. Please call us for specific details or design requirements to meet your project needs. Also Contact Us for a reputable installer or visit our showroom.

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