Skylight and Sunroom Shades

Skyview Shades are the most versatile shades available. They are tension shades which means that they can operate at any angle. They are operated with a telescopic pole which fits into a recess in the travel rail and can be easily opened or closed. There is also the option of having a handle attached to the travel rail and being able to manually raise the shade to the correct level.

Aluminum side channels are included which allow the shade to fit into window openings up to 2" wider than the shade itself. Either side of the channel can be used to face outward depending upon the amount of coverage desired.

The channels are not required to support the shade for lengths under 48". Their main use is to take up differences in window and window shaft widths and to reduce side light gaps. Minimum shade widths are 12" and maximum widths are 60"

Skyview Shades may be used on an inside mount or outside mount basis. Let us know if you require outside mount brackets. It is recommended that all skylight shades be placed no closer than 3" from the skylight window (pleated midnight fabric – 12").

Two skylight shades may be put into one skylight window shaft if the widths are greater than 60" (48" for motorized shades). Two side channels put back to back form a "T" between the two shades

Aluminum extrusions come in white and off-white colors.

Skyview Shades are offered in three basic configurations which are described below. There are many fabric options which can be combined for the most amount of flexibility in the Day/Night and Ultima Day/Night models.